Info for Bookings


The address is Faurefold, Lince Lane, Westcott RH4 3LX.  Click here to view on Google Maps.



  • The house is fully equipped for a maximum of 30 persons
  • There are two bunk rooms each sleeping a maximum of 12 and each with its own en-suite bathroom. 
  • There are also two leaders rooms each sleeping 3 and a large bathroom equipped for a disabled person which doubles as the leaders’ bathroom
  • The modern Kitchen is large and well equipped 
  • The leaders lounge is a comfortable place to relax and hosts our souvenir offerings


  • We try to ensure that all visitors are welcomed on arrival.  If we cannot arrange for you to be seen in we will make arrangements directly with you about getting in.  Keys to the building are stored in the key box in the store room.  They include keys to the outside toilets and to the sheds.
  • An equipment list is provided.  Faurefold is equipped with a fridge, freezer, 2 x electric cookers, tumble dryer, microwave, electric kettles, 4 slice toaster and vacuum cleaner as well as all the usual paraphernalia for everyday living.
  • Please bring your own tea towels, washing up liquid, cleaning materials (we provide floor cleaner and toilet cleaner which is in the locked cupboard in the store room), pot holders, bin bags etc.
  • Please do not leave any wet cloths or food when leaving.
  • Pillows and sleeping bags must be brought.  Every bed is equipped with a waterproof mattress
  • Very occasionally all the power to the houses along the A25 suffer a power cut.   You can check whether the houses in Milton Street (opposite Lince Lane) have power.
  • Hot water and underfloor heating is provided by an air-source heat pump at the back of the building.
  • Please do not try to adjust any controls.
  • Please use the two notice boards for your notices rather than use bluetac or sellotape elsewhere
  • Two doors are to be kept locked – that to the stair well and that to the storage area.  If there are campers on the site the camp leader will also have a key to the external door of the storage area to access the fridge / freezer.
  • Please do not allow anyone to go upstairs.
  • Please wear indoor shoes indoors.
  • Should you need it, there is a ramp under a bunk for use at a bunk room fire door or where you need it.
  • All unit or personal electrical equipment must be PAT tested before use on site.  As mobile phone chargers may not have been, please make sure these are not left unattended or overnight.


Floor plan

Fire and Security

  • There are fire exits to each dormitory and to the leaders’ rooms.  For your security these should not be used as routine exit and entry doors.  If you do open it, please check the door is properly shut.
  • Fire extinguishers are by the kitchen door and a fire blanket is in the kitchen.
  • In view of the fire risk there must be no smoking inside the house.
  • It is advisable to arrange a fire practice as soon after arrival as possible, so that everyone (including children) knows what to do in an emergency both by day and by night.  There is a fire assembly point across the grass at the front of the building.
  • Make sure that all adults know how to use the various fire appliances and where they are situated.  There is a fire control box in the entrance lobby.  If an alarm sounds this shows you which alarm has been triggered (2 for kitchen otherwise 1) and allows you to switch off the alarm once you know you are safe.  Instructions are on the nearest noticeboard.
  • If there is a fire, call the fire brigade, alert any other users on site and tell the Booking Secretary.
  • Risk assessment for visitors is available – Faurefold Risk Log – Short Risk for visitors March 2019-4 (pdf)

On departure

Please make sure all rooms and floors are clean.  As packing up is a busy time there is a checklist on the notice board to remind you.  Breakages and damage should be reported to the person seeing you out and you may be charged.


  • Check everything is returned to its correct place – which is where it was when you arrived.
  • Ensure all windows are closed
  • Wash bathroom and kitchen floors.  Clean all other floors as necessary – sweeping may be sufficient.
  • Empty the vacuum cleaner if full.
  • Check the fire doors are properly closed.


  • All cooking pots, frying pans and bowls clean and dry.
  • All taps, cooker switches and electrical sockets turned off. Leave fridge and freezer on.
  • No items left – tea towels, food, or wet cloths of any kind.
  • Cooker and microwave thoroughly clean, including oven and trays under grill and burners.
  • Kitchen Equipment list – download it here.


  • Check under beds and behind doors to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Lift EVERY mattress and remove sweet papers, pens, tissues etc.
  • Check that the grey storage boxes are empty and clean.


  • Clean the toilets, washbasins and shower (please do not use bleach as this affects the chemistry of the Septic tank – toilet cleaner is provided in the Store Room)
  • Empty the pedal bins.


  • Check chairs are stacked no more than 5 high and facing the wall


  • Check all tables are clean.


  • Check nothing is left in the chest of drawers, under beds or behind the door.


  • Check the outside toilets and basin are clean and the doors locked and keys replaced in the key box.
  • Check that all ‘camps’, ‘dens’ etc have been dismantled and string, plastic etc removed.
  • Clear all litter from the grounds, including materials used for wide games and other activities.
  • Ensure all rubbish has been put out in the dustbins by the gate and the lids are on the bins.
  • If you have put out a notice or any sign/balloons etc to show people where Faurefold is, please be certain to remove them.


  • The absolute maximum number for camping is 50 people, including leaders.
  • Equipment is stored in the green shed. A list is provided – download it here.
  • There must not be any turfing. Metal crates and metal sheets must be used when lighting fires elsewhere in the grounds, these are kept in the brown camp shed.
  • Dead wood may be gathered from anywhere in the grounds.   DO NOT cut live wood.
  • There are two toilet blocks at the rear of the building.  If there are people in the building please keep noise near the building to a minimum in the evenings.  Please take care on the slopes around the building .
  • Water – The outside taps have detachable ‘heads’ which are with the keys in the building.  Please run off 4 buckets of water before first use of the water.
  • No food should be disposed of in the woods.  Please use the bins by the gate.  Burn rubbish that is safe to do so (ie not plastic). Use grease traps to strain liquids before burning the residue.


  • Water and sewage drains into a septic tank.  Please only use the environmentally friendly cleaning products that are in the cupboard in the store room.
  • The Site Gates – Open the gates outwards and secure back with the wire hooks.   Remember to close the gates once everyone has arrived.
  • Car Park – is on the left just inside the gate.  Please do not let anyone park on the grass.
  • There are lovely walks nearby.  If you go down the lane to the stream past the private house, please ask the girls to be quiet when passing – they are our neighbours and we want to keep on good terms with them.
  • Dogs are not normally allowed on site but in exceptional circumstances it may be possible but permission beforehand must be obtained.
  • Please collect up any material in the woods marking trails or games.  Please also dismantle dens that you make.

Disposal of Rubbish

  • Rubbish should be sorted into recyclable, food and other.  Please flatten tins before put in the bins.  Recyclable rubbish should be loose in the bin – not bagged.
  • Bin men will not collect general rubbish unless it is bagged.  All food rubbish must be double bagged before being put in the bins by the gate.  Sacks must not be left outside the bins as they will be destroyed by the foxes. If there is insufficient room in the bin for the lid to fit securely, please arrange for someone to take the extra bag home.  Please remember that the group following you will need somewhere to put their rubbish.

Boundaries and security

  • Faurefold property covers over 11 acres, this includes the woods at the back of the house as well as the area in front and the campsite. There is a 6 ft chain link fence surrounding the property.  Please do not allow anyone to climb this fence or swing on the gate.


  • All damage and breakages must be reported and may be charged. Please do not allow the Rainbows/Brownies/Guides/Children of Leaders to play on the bunks.


  • Please let us know about any major accidents that you report to Guiding Headquarters on an Accident Form. We may need to change something as a result.


  • We do have some delightful Faurefold bears for sale and other items such as mugs and pencils.  Please ask the Treasurer, Roo for details.  Email


  • The Nature Trail starts from the rear of the car park.  Fairy doors are in the woods behind the building. Geocaching is available on request.  Orienteering instructions are on the bookshelf.


Please leave Faurefold clean on departure as you would like to find it.  If any area is unsatisfactory the Leader in charge will be asked to stay (or return) and clean up.  We inspect after each letting and do not accept ‘it was like this when we came’ as an excuse.  Incoming Leaders do appreciate a clean house or camp site.

The building is new and though we have tried, we probably have not thought of everything. We are always happy to be given suggestions on the building and about other equipment. Please write comments in the Comments Book in the building.

Have a good holiday!